Helps to improve the appearance of Fine Lines, Wrinkles,  Acne Scars, and the lackluster appearance of the skin by removing the outer most layers of dead skin cells. Thus enhancing product penetration.


This exfoliation process is performed by a skilled trained and certified skin care professional using a scalpel to scrape the surface of the epidermis.

There is no downtime and Dermaplaning is considered safe and painless. Not only will you achieve smoother brighter skin but it is also a great way to get rid of unwanted facial hair. Facial hair can often times cause buildup of dirt and oil in the follicles leaving the skin looking less then perfect.


Dermaplaning helps to turn back the clock and fight the signs of aging by removing 21 days worth of build up and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Leaving you with a radiant glow .

Will my hair grow back thicker?

No. This is physiologically impossible. There are two types of hair that grow on your body. Vellus hair, which when cut or removed will grow back the same size and shape, therefore, the main structure of vellus hair does not change and is not altered by dermaplanning. Terminal hair however, is physiologically coarse. When this hair type is cut it will always grow back coarse. Dermaplanning is designed to treat the vellus hair which is located on the face. Once vellus hair is cut it will maintain a blunt edge and this blunt edge will not physiologically alter the hair itself.