Vitamin Injections & IV Therapy

B12 and Lipo Shots

*B12 is known for its weight loss enhancing capabilities.

*Lipo or Lipotropic refers to a very specific nutrient that is not present in all B12 injections.

*Lipotropic nutrients are proven to help promote healthy functioning of the liver. This helps not only in metabolizing fat, but also in removing cholesterol from the bloodstream.

*They are also proven to help guard against depression, liver disease and anxiety.

*Both injections contain B12.

Vitamin Cocktails

These vitamin cocktails are customized and more concentrated to meet specific needs and can be administered bi-weekly and even monthly.

Choose from:

-Fountain of Youth for Anti-Aging

-Weight Loss (Skinny Shot)

-Myers Cocktail for Energy

-Immune Booster.

These are also available as IV Therapy Treatments.

Add on boosters available for additional charge:

-Amino Acid

-B Pack

-CoQ10 (good for migraines)


-Trace Min

-Vitamin C