Qwo Cellulite Injections

Qwo is the first FDA-Approved Injectable Cellulite Treatment that releases deep dimples through dissolving the fibrous bands that cause them, with a simple injection of a safe drug that’s been used for years in other medical applications.


Our patients have loved using Kybella injections and/or Velashape and Ultrasonic Cavitation, a non-surgical ultrasound and radiofrequency (RF) energy treatment, to fix the orange-peel texture of cellulite, but the treatments for the deep dimples of cellulite have thus-far been pretty invasive, most surgical in nature – since they all included various ways of cutting these high-tension fibers that tether the skin to the fascia below. This exact formulation of collagenase has been used for years to release fibrous bands

Where Can I Have Qwo Injected?

QWO injections have been FDA-approved to treat dimples aka cellulite on the buttocks.  However, we do have clients that have concerns of contour irregularity and cellulite on the back of their thighs.  This is an off-label treatment area that can be done as well.